Your Electrical Marketing Connection

Over the past three decades, Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA) has built a dynamic track record as one of the nation's premier marketing allies for the electrotechnology and energy industries. The experts at CMA provide tailored marketing strategy and services to all electrical industry professionals in order to help ignite your marketing.

The team's knowledge and expertise in electrical products and services has been a foundation for countless domestic and international marketing strategies for leading manufacturers in numerous electrical product and energy service categories.

Why CMA?

We ignite your marketing through a dedicated team of electrotechnology and energy experts in CMA’s full service marketing and communications firm. The firm is recognized nationally as one of the electrical and energy industry's premier marketing partners for nearly 30 years.

CMA provides innovative strategic and creative marketing solutions to the industry's established leadership companies as well as its rising stars. The team has developed and implemented award-winning national marketing and public relations campaigns across the full spectrum of the industry's products and sales channels.

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Driving Sales And Competitive Edge

CMA leverages its knowledge of electrical products, services and energy-efficient technologies to create marketing solutions that drive sales, growth and ROI:

  • Powerful brand and marketing strategies
  • Turnkey sales promotion programs
  • Compelling sales and corporate literature
  • Breakthrough advertising and direct marketing
  • High-impact websites
  • Dynamic digital marketing
  • Engaging public relations and media relations

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